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Nowadays, more and more parents are looking for safe and at the same time developing forms of activity for their children. Tricycles are an ideal proposition that combines these two aspects, offering children a lot of fun and support in learning motor coordination. At Yupi you will find a wide selection of tricycles that grow with your child, adapting to their needs and skills.

Why is it worth choosing tricycles from Yupi?

Choosing the right bike for your child is an important decision that may affect not only his physical but also emotional development. Tricycles available in the Yupi offer are not only a guarantee of safety, but also an investment in the development of motor coordination and balance of our children. Find out why it is worth choosing these models.

Safety first

When designing tricycles, we think primarily about children's safety. The stable structure prevents tipping over, which is a common problem when learning to ride a traditional bike. Additionally, bikes from Yupi are equipped with numerous safety-enhancing elements, such as brakes adapted to small hands and non-slip pedals.

Adaptation to the child's needs

One of the key advantages of tricycles from Yupi is their ability to adapt. By choosing a model that grows together with the child, we invest in a product that will serve for many years. Adjustable seat and handlebar height are just some of the functions that allow you to adapt the bike to the current needs of your child.

Benefits for child development

Riding a tricycle is not only great fun, but also an important element supporting the child's development. It helps in learning motor coordination and balance, and stimulates the development of leg and back muscles. Moreover, the ability to ride a bike independently builds self-confidence and independence in the youngest.

Variety of models

At Yupi, we realize that every child is different and has their own unique needs and interests. That's why our offer of tricycles is so wide that every parent can find the perfect model for their child. From classic variants, through bicycles with a toy basket, to thematic models inspired by favorite fairy tale characters - at Yupi every child will find the bicycle of their dreams.


By choosing tricycles from Yupi, we are choosing a product that will not only provide our children with safety and comfort, but will also support their development on many levels. By choosing bikes that grow with the child, we invest in the future and give our children the best start in the world of cycling. Discover the world of tricycles with us and enjoy every smile of your child while playing outdoors.

Safety first

Child's safety while driving is our priority. The tricycles we offer are designed to minimize the risk of tipping over. Stable construction and high-quality materials guarantee that every tricycle adventure will be safe.

Bikes that grow with the child

By choosing tricycles from Yupi, you are investing in a product that grows with your child. Thanks to adjustable elements, such as the height of the seat or handlebar, the tricycle adapts to the growing child, providing him with comfort and the right position for many years.

Support in child development

Riding a tricycle is not only great fun, but also an important element in the development of a child's motor coordination. Regular pedaling and steering of the bike strengthen the muscles, while teaching the child balance and precision of movements.

Variety of models available at Yupi

Our offer includes tricycles tailored to the various needs and interests of children. From classic models that resemble a traditional bicycle, to modern designs with additional accessories, such as baskets for toys or sun canopies. Every child will find something for themselves here.

Advantages of riding a tricycle

First steps in the world of cycling

Tricycles are a great introduction to the world of cycling. They teach your child basic skills such as pedaling and steering, thus preparing them to switch to a traditional bicycle in the future.

Physical and emotional development

Riding a tricycle is not only an excellent way to develop strength and motor coordination, but also to build self-confidence and independence. The child learns independence by making decisions about driving directions and exploring the surroundings.

Discover the world of tricycles at Yupi

Regardless of whether you are looking for the first bicycle for your toddler or you want to encourage him to spend time actively outdoors, at Yupi you will find tricycles that will meet all your expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the perfect model that will make every moment spent on a bike an unforgettable adventure.

Visit Yupi and discover the perfect tricycle for your child today!