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Puzzles for children

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The first blocks for babies: rubber, soft blocks

Baby blocks are a paradise for the youngest explorers and little architects! Our blocks are designed specifically for safe and creative play for babies and toddlers. A child's manual skills developed from an early age will have a positive impact on him and ensure proper development. In addition, you will train your manual and cognitive skills, and at the same time enjoy a fascinating adventure in the world of colors, shapes and sounds.

What blocks for a one-year-old child?

When choosing blocks for a one-year-old child, it is worth following certain criteria that will help ensure safe and appropriate play for the child. Here are some tips and types of blocks that may be suitable for your toddler:

  • Large soft blocks: For one-year-old children, larger blocks that are easy to grab and hold will be best. Soft materials such as rubber or foam will help avoid injuries in the event of falls.

  • Sensory, interactive and sound blocks: Blocks with different textures, shapes and colors can help develop a child's senses and encourage exploration and exploration, as well as learning new things such as letters, numbers and animals . The sounds coming from toys can additionally interest the child and stimulate his sense of hearing.

  • Blocks with the possibility of combining elements: They develop manual skills, spatial imagination and logical thinking.

  • Magnetic blocks: They are great for creating various structures. However, remember to choose the right size of blocks for your child so that they do not pose a threat.

  • Block sorting toys to which we have to match different shapes help develop the ability to associate and match.

Rubber blocks for children

Rubber blocks for children in our offer combine safety, creativity and sensory experiences. Thanks to their flexibility and pleasant texture, rubber blocks are easy to grip, which helps develop fine motor skills in little hands. They usually contain protrusions, recesses or various surfaces to be touched. These features stimulate the baby's senses, supporting his sensory development. Importantly, their surface is usually easy to keep clean, which makes it easier to maintain hygiene while playing. Their safe material and lack of sharp edges do not cause any risk of cuts or injuries.

Wooden blocks for a baby

Wooden blocks are one of the most popular choices among parents, mainly due to their durability and safety. Wood is a natural material, which means it does not contain any harmful chemicals. They allow you to develop your imagination and create various shapes and structures.

Main features of blocks for a one-year-old child:

  1. Safety: All blocks in our store have been selected for the quality of materials and safety of use. They are safe, made of non-toxic and easy to clean materials. Thus, they ensure maximum safety for your child.

  2. Supporting cognitive development: Our blocks and their individual elements are an excellent tool for supporting cognitive development in infants. Playing with arranging and transforming blocks allows you to develop logical thinking skills and learn to distinguish shapes and colors.

  3. Creativity and imagination: We believe that imagination is the key to unlimited creativity. Our set of blocks encourages children to create their own unique structures and stories, which develops their artistic skills and helps express emotions.

  4. Strengthening motor skills: Manipulating blocks helps develop motor skills and motor coordination in babies. This is an excellent way to stimulate precise movements of fingers and hands, which is extremely important for the development of manual skills.

  5. Sensory play: In some sets of blocks we have included elements with different colors, sounds and textures, which provide great sensory fun for babies. This is a great opportunity to discover the diversity of the senses and develop sensory perception.

  6. Perfect as a gift: Baby blocks are a good gift idea for a little explorer. Creative sets of blocks will bring joy not only to children, but also to their parents.

We invite you to join the fun that supports your child's development and makes every day full of joy and learning! All our blocks are adapted to the age of the child so that they do not pose a threat to them.

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