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Mini dolls

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We invite you to discover our lovely "Mini Dolls" category. This is a place where you will find small dolls available in various series, such as Evi Doll, Enchantimals, Gabi's Cat House and the popular L.O.L. Surprise. Our little dolls are not only cute toys, but also a source of incredible fun and creativity for children.

Variety of Little Dolls

In our "Mini Dolls" category, we offer various series of small dolls that are available for every girl. Here are some of them:

  1. Evi doll: Evi doll is an adorable doll with a friendly expression and stylish clothes. It is the perfect companion for children who love creative play. Evi doll can play different roles and create amazing stories.

  2. Enchantimals: The Enchantimals series are small dolls that are related to nature and animals. Each Enchantimals has its own animal friends, which encourages children to develop empathy and care for animals.

  3. Gabi's Cat House: Gabi's Cat House is an adorable set that includes a little Gabi doll and her cat house. This is a perfect product for little girls who love cat adventures.

  4. L.O.L. Surprise:The L.O.L. Series Surprise is a phenomenal line of dolls that have gained enormous popularity. Each L.O.L. doll Surprise is hidden in a beautifully decorated container waiting to be discovered. This is a real surprise for children who love unpacking and discovering new things.

Little Dolls, Big Joy

Little dolls are a source of great joy and creativity for children. This is why our products are unique:

1. Developing Imagination:Our little dolls are perfect for developing imagination and creating amazing stories. Children can play different roles and create their own adventures for their dolls.

2. Caregiving Play:For girls who love to play the role of caregiver, little dolls are the perfect "babies" to care for. Thanks to this, children learn empathy, care and responsibility.

3. Collecting:Our little dolls are often available in different series, which encourages children to collect and collect different dolls. This is a great way to develop organizational skills.

4. Variety of Styles and Characters:The dolls available in our offer differ in style, character and appearance. This allows children to find a doll that best suits their personal preferences.

Benefits for Children and Parents

Our little dolls offer many benefits for both children and parents:

1. Developing Social Skills: Playing with little dolls helps children develop social skills such as cooperation, negotiation and communication.

2. Creativity:Children can express their creativity and imagination by creating different stories and scenarios with little dolls.

3. Developing Empathy:By caring for dolls, children learn empathy and understanding the needs of others. These are important social skills.

4. Family Fun: Little dolls can be great family fun. Parents can join in the fun, which creates special moments spent together.

5. A Break from Screens:Our little dolls encourage children to engage in active and creative play, which is a healthy break from screens and electronic devices.


The "Mini Dolls" category in our toy store offers not only cute little dolls, but also great value in children's development. Our products develop imagination, caring skills, empathy and creativity. Small dolls available in various series allow children to choose those that best suit their personal preferences. It's a perfect gift for girls and a toy that brings a lot of joy and value. Discover our collection of mini dolls and give your child unforgettable moments of fun and learning.