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GraviTrax pads

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Discover the fascinating world of Gravitrax blocks in our Yupi online store. Gravitrax is not only a toy, but also an educational tool that allows children and adults to explore the laws of physics by building their own ball tracks. We invite you to check out our offer, which includes starter kits, supplementary kits and many interesting accessories.

Why choose Gravitrax blocks at Yupi?

Choosing Gravitrax blocks in the Yupi store is a guarantee not only of countless hours of fascinating fun, but also a unique opportunity to develop creativity and understand the basic laws of physics. Gravitrax is not just toys, it is primarily an educational tool that allows a child to practically explore the world by building tracks and experimenting with balls.

Gravitrax starter kit - the first step into the world of construction

The basis for starting your adventure with Gravitrax is the starter set, which contains all the necessary elements to build your first track. At Yupi you will find a wide selection of Gravitrax starter kits, which have been designed to gradually introduce young builders to the secrets of track construction. Each starter set containselements such as rails, obstacles, as well as construction plans that show step by step how to achieve the goal -reaching the ballto specific place.

Supplementary sets - expand your capabilities

With increasing skill and understanding of the laws of physics, a natural step is to expand your structure with new elements. Supplementary sets available at Yupi offer not only additional rails or obstacles, but also unique components that introduce new challenges and possibilities for play. Thanks to them, the track can become more complicated, interesting and educational. This is a great opportunity to learn how different settings affect the speed and trajectory of the ball, thus exploring more advanced aspects of physics.

Creativity and education in one

Gravitrax is not just blocks, it is a tool supporting the development of creativity and imagination. By building tracks, children learn creative thinking, spatial planning and basic principles of physics. At Yupi, we focus on toys that combine education and fun, offering products that are bothinterestingand useful for the developing mind.

Support and inspiration at every step

When you choose Gravitrax blocks at Yupi, you are not left alone with the set. We offer tips and inspiration on how to maximize the potential of blocks. On our website you will find a construction plan and proposals for tasks that will help you understand the principles of operation of the structure and encourage you to experiment. This is an excellent way to supportthechild in the process of learning through play.

By choosing Gravitrax blocks at Yupi, you are investing not only in hours of fascinating play, but also in the intellectual development of the child. The Starter Set and Additional Sets offer endless possibilities for constructing tracks that are both a fun and educational physics adventure. It's a unique combination of learning and fun, now available at Yupi.

Unique offer of starter and supplementary sets

At Yupi you will find a wide selection of Gravitrax sets that will allow you to easily start your track building adventure. The Gravitrax Starter Set is the perfect starting point, containing all the necessary components to build your first track. For those who want to develop their designs, we also offer a wide selection of supplementary sets that allow you to add new functions and increase the possibilities of the tracks.

Stimulation of creativity and learning through play

Gravitrax is not only a toy, but also a great way to stimulate creativity and imagination. Building tracks requires logical thinking, planning and an understanding of the basic laws of physics. This makes Gravitrax interesting for both children and adults who want to spend time together in constructive play.

Support and inspiration for builders

Each Gravitrax starter kit comes with construction plans and instructions to help you understand the basics of track construction. For those who are looking for additional challenges, the presented tasks allow you to experiment and test different track variants, which additionally develops logical thinking skills. In addition, our store offers access to the Gravitrax community, where you can exchange experiences and draw inspiration from other lovers of these blocks.

Expand your Gravitrax collection

In addition to starter kits, at Yupi we offer a wide selection of expansion kits that will allow you to expand your Gravitrax track. Rails, construction elements, additional balls and many other accessories enable unlimited construction possibilities, encouraging creative thinking and further exploration of the fascinating world of Gravitrax.

Discover the endless possibilities of Gravitrax

Gravitrax is a system that grows with the user's imagination and creativity. Each new element or complementary set opens the door to new designs, experiments and solutions. It is a world where the only limitation is your own imagination. We invite you to discover the full Gravitrax offer in the Yupi store and join the community of track builders who push the limits of their creativity every day.

Start your adventure with Gravitrax today

Don't wait and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Gravitrax. Choose your starter kit in the Yupi store and start building your own unique tracks. Discover the joy of creating while learning the basic laws of physics and developing your creativity. Gravitrax is not just fun, it is a journey into the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, available to anyone who is ready to take on the challenge.

See for yourself how amazing Gravitrax blocks can be. Discover our offer today and start building your dream track!