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Games and puzzles

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Discover a wonderful world of fun and education with our collection of games and puzzles for children! At Yupi you will find everything you need to provide your children with great entertainment and develop their skills. Enjoy moments together with your little ones by discovering our wide range.

Why choose games and puzzles for children with Yupi?

Yupi is a place where every child will find something for themselves, and parents will be sure that they are choosing products that develop their children's minds and imagination. We offer games and puzzles for children is not only great fun, but also an educational experience supporting the development of logical thinking and perceptiveness.

Mind stimulation through play

Logical thinking we teach most effectively through engaging forms of education, and our jigsaw and games have been designed to stimulate the child's mind in various areas. Solving puzzle or by participating in board games, children develop the ability to think analytically and learn patience and strategy.

Safety and quality

The safety of our little customers is a priority, that's why allpuzzle made are made of safe, non-toxic materials that meet European quality standards. Additionally, puzzles for children have various difficulty levels, which allows you to customize them to all ages and degree of completion.

Thematic diversity

Our offer is a real wealth of topics - from animal puzzle, vehicles, cartoons to your favorite characters movies and serials. Toddlers will love colorful puzzles zBing, Maya the Bee or dinosaurs, aolder children will be interested in complex images with Star Wars or other popular productions.

  • Observation puzzle - they are perfect for training memory and concentration, and at the same time they are a great idea for fun whole family.

  • Puzzle consisting of with fewer elements - perfect for youngest children who are just starting their adventure with puzzles.

  • Puzzle showing favorite characters - they help build an emotional bond and make laying becomes a more personal experience.

Supporting development through play

At Yupi, we believe that the best form of learning is fun. That's why ourpuzzle and games are designed so that when they are arranging or gaming, children could develop their skills while having great fun. We offertoys which train memory, concentration and also observance - all this in a safe and friendly environment.

Something for everyone

Wour offer are puzzle and games for youngest years to suggestions for adult, which makes our store a great place to look for inspiration on gift. Perfect way to spend time with your loved ones and to celebrate special occasions.

By selecting puzzles for children and games with Yupi, you focus on development, quality and safety. We ensure that every jigsaw, each game is a new adventure that will bring a smile to your facechildren. We invite you to discover our world where education is intertwined withfun, and every day becomes an opportunity to learn through experience.

Choosing our store is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. At Yupi, we focus on products that combine fun with education, supporting the development of logical thinking and concentration from an early age. Our children's puzzles and games have been carefully selected to provide not only entertainment, but also valuable lessons.

Stimulation of imagination and logical thinking

Playing with puzzles is a great way to develop your imagination. By solving colorful puzzles depicting animals, fairy tales, vehicles or other pictures, your child will practice his perceptiveness and problem-solving skills. Observation puzzles further enrich the visual experience once the puzzle is completed, becoming independent puzzles.

A wealth of choice for every age

At Yupi, we have puzzles for children of all ages - from the youngest who are just starting their adventure with puzzles to older children who are looking for a greater challenge. We offer puzzles made of safe materials, with a varying number of elements, which allows you to adjust the level of difficulty to the child's skills.

Fun for the whole family

There's nothing better than having fun together as a family. Our games and puzzles are a great idea for spending time with the youngest, thanks to which children can learn from their parents and adults feel like children again. Puzzles depicting favorite cartoons or movies, such as Star Wars or Paw Patrol, will certainly attract the attention of every family member.

Support your child's development with Yupi

Puzzles consisting of many elements are not only great fun, but also a great way to develop manual skills and logical thinking. An adventure with puzzles is also an excellent opportunity to practice memory and concentration, which will be useful for the child in future educational challenges.

Selection tailored to your needs

Our offer includes puzzles for children with various motifs - from fairy tales for the youngest, through wild animals, to vehicles and dinosaurs. The puzzles are made with safety and comfort in mind, so parents can rest assured about their children while playing.

Discover the magic of arranging together

Puzzles are not only great fun, but also an opportunity to spend time with children, watching them develop their skills and learn patience. Board games, observational puzzles and creative puzzles are just part of our offer, which ensures excellent entertainment and comprehensive development.

The perfect gift for every child

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little one or other children in your family, our games and puzzles are a perfect choice. Provide your children with hours of fascinating fun and learning through play. Choosing games and puzzles from our offer is an investment in your child's development.

Welcome to the world of fun and education at Yupi!

Don't wait, discover our full range of games and puzzles for children and find the perfect way for your child to develop and have great fun. The adventure with Yupi is unforgettable moments that your child will remember with a smile. We invite you to discover the magic of solving puzzles and have fun together!