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Toys for children 8-10 years old

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Toys for children 8-10 years: Develop skills and creativity

Welcome to the "Toys for children 8-10 years old" category in our toy store! This is a place where you will find a wide selection of products specially created for older children who are going through a fascinating stage of development. Our toys will not only provide entertainment, but also contribute to the development of manual skills, creativity and logical thinking. By choosing a gift from this category, you give your children the opportunity to learn and have fun in one.

Educational and construction toys

Our offer mainly includes educational toys that are a perfect combination of entertainment and learning. Children aged 8-10 are sensitive to new challenges and eager to acquire knowledge. Therefore, board games, puzzles, creative sets, construction toys and models of various vehicles perfectly meet their needs at this stage of development.

Board games:

  • Board games develop logical thinking, strategy and cooperation with peers. In our store you will find many games adapted to the age of 8-10, such as "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle" or "Star Wars: Rebellion".


  • Puzzling is not only fun, but also an excellent exercise in concentration and perceptiveness. Our puzzles offer a variety of motifs that will delight both boys and girls.

Creative sets:

  • Creative sets include accessories for painting, drawing and jewelry making. This is a great opportunity to express your artistic soul and develop creativity.

Construction toys:

  • Building blocks and sets, such as "LEGO" and "Mega Blocks," allow children to build their own creations while developing engineering skills and imagination.

Outdoor fun

We also didn't forget about outdoor fun. Our offer includes toys that will encourage children to be active outdoors. Playing outdoors promotes healthy physical and social development.

Remotely controlled vehicles:

  • For fans of speed and competition, we offer various models of remote-controlled cars and drones, such as "Hot Wheels," that will provide hours of exciting fun.

Outdoor game toys:

  • Balls, frisbee, scooters - everything you need to spend time in the yard or in the park in an active way.

Art set and figurines

Our art kits allow children to express themselves by painting, drawing, and creating their own works of art. Additionally, figures from popular series such as "Harry Potter" or "Star Wars" will allow children to play the role of their favorite characters, create their own stories and develop manual skills.

Perfect gift for older children

Toys from this category are not only a source of entertainment and learning, but also a good gift idea for children aged 8-10. By choosing the right toys, you will give them not only joy, but also valuable experiences that will accompany them throughout their lives. It's a great way to build family relationships and spend time together. Our toys connect generations and create memories that will last for a long time.


Our store has a wide range of products at various prices, so everyone can find something suitable. We encourage you to browse our offer and find the perfect toy that will meet your children's expectations and bring a lot of joy. Thanks to our products, children can develop, learn, have fun and create unforgettable moments.