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Toys for children 1-2 years old

( number of products: 540 )

Welcome to our online store on the category page, where you will find great toys for children 1-2 years old. Our toys are tailored to the needs of children and help develop their manual skills, cognitive skills and logical thinking. Every child deserves appropriate toys that will not only provide them with long hours of fun, but also support their proper development.

Great toys for the youngest children that you can find in our store:


Our mascots are the perfect companion for children aged 1-2. Soft Disney Baby stuffed animals available in our store are safe for children. The cuddly toys do not have sharp edges or small parts, which makes them suitable for toddlers. Mascots help children develop social skills by forming bonds with their favorite cartoon characters.


Dolls are a classic toy that bring children a lot of joy. Our dolls are safe for children, and the clothes and accessories allow children to express their creativity and develop social skills. They also learn to recognize body parts.

Doll strollers:

Our offer includes charming doll strollers that will help children discover the world of roles and care. Playing with taking care of a doll supports the development of empathy in children, as well as the development of manual skills by putting dolls into the stroller and taking care of them.

Sand play toys:

Sand toys are a great way to develop senses and creativity in one-year-old children. Our sets include shovels, buckets and sand molds that encourage experimenting and creating different shapes. Playing in the sand also helps develop motor skills.


Blocks are a great way to develop children's creativity and construction skills. By arranging and connecting blocks, children learn to understand the basic principles of construction and develop precision of movements, which affects the development of writing and drawing skills in the future.


Puzzles are an excellent tool for developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Putting together a puzzle is a fascinating game that requires focus, concentration and precision. Children learn to recognize shapes, colors and develop the ability to analyze and solve simple puzzles.


We offer a variety of cars and vehicles for little vehicle fans. Playing with them develops manual skills and helps each child discover the world around them. Our toys are age-appropriate for two-year-olds and have no sharp edges.

Role play toys:

Role play toys are a great way to develop imagination and creativity. Our sets allow children to play different characters and situations, which develops their social and emotional skills.

Interactive toys:

Interactive toys are a great way to encourage children to learn through play. Our products help develop cognitive skills and logical thinking. Children can play with them alone or with their parents, which creates valuable moments spent together.

Inflatable pools:

Do you want your little one to have fun on hot days? Our inflatable pools are perfect for summer. They allow children to cool off and spend time outdoors. It's great fun that supports physical development and motor skills.

Our customers can be sure that each toy in this category has been carefully selected with the youngest in mind. We offer safe products that help in the development of young children. Thanks to our toys, children develop manual skills, cognitive skills and social skills. It's not only fun, it's also an investment in the proper development of the child.


We invite you to our online store, where you will find the perfect gift for a toddler aged 1-2. Our toys are gifts that will bring joy to both children and their parents. We help build valuable memories from the early years and support your child's development through play. Therefore, choose our toys for the youngest - it is certainly an investment in the future and development of your one-year-old child.